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Institute of Economics and Finance is one of the leading state economic higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation.

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The structure of the Institute

Faculty of General Economics
Dean of the Faculty
Department of History and Political Science
Head of the department Engel R. TAGIROV
Department of Philosophy and Sociology
Head of the department Flyura G. ZIYATDINOVA
Department of Technology
Head of the department Yusuf I. AZIMOV
Department of Macro Economics and the Theory of Economics
Head of the department Stanislav I. ANDREEV
Department of Mathematics and Economic Informatics
Head of the department Rustam Sh. MARDANOV
Department of Micro Economics
Head of the department Tatyana N. GUBAIDULLINA
Management Faculty
Dean of the Faculty Milyausha Kh. BIKTEMIROVA
Department of Foreign Languages
Head of the Department Elena M. GALISHNIKOVA
Department of General Management
Head of the Department Tatyana F. PALEY
Department of Marketing
Head of the Department Alexander P. MISHENKO
Department of Financial Management
Head of the Department Andrey B. ANKUDINOV
Department of Physical Education and Sports
Head of the Department Nail Sh. FAZLEEV
Department of Statistics and Econometrics
Head of the Department Rezeda M. KUNDAKCHYAN
Finance and Credits Faculty
Dean of the Faculty Kamil G. KHARISOV
Department of Banking
Head of the Department Larisa A. ULYANOVA
Department of Finance
Head of the Department Nadiya M. SABITOVA
Department of Law
Head of the Department Aydar M. TUFETULOV
Department of Money and Securities
Head of the Department Lyubov V. ALEKSEEVA
Faculty of the Economy of Enterprise
Dean of the Faculty Svetlana S. MELESHENKO
Department of the Economy of Production
Head of the Department Nailya M. YAKUPOVA
Department of Management Accounting
Head of the Department Vitaliy B. IVASHKEVICH
Department of Financial Accounting
Head of the Department Lidiya I. KULIKOVA
Department of Labour and Staff Management
Head of the Department Kamil I. AZIZOV
Department of Economic Analysis and Audit
Head of the Department Vladimir N. NESTEROV
Faculty of Part-time Education
Dean of the Faculty Andrey K. DASHIN
Faculty of Retraining of Graduates
Dean of the Faculty Valentina V. TOROPOVA
Faculty Training Translators for Professional Communication
Dean of the Faculty Elena M. GALISHNIKOVA
Postgraduate Education
Head of Postgraduate Education Nailya S. KONSTANTINOVA
Scientific Supervisor of MBA Program Shamil M. VALITOV
Director of MBA Program Azat M. GANEEV
Scientific Consultant for MBA Program Nail G. KHAIRULLIN

The Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute was founded in 1931 on the base of the Faculty of Economics which had previously belonged to the Kazan State University named after Vladimir Lenin.

The number of full-time students studying at KSFEI is more than 3500 and there are 279 people of teaching staff

Apart from the main building the institute has at its disposal two well-equipped gyms, a skiing centre, Tennis courts as well as two hostels and a summer camp




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