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The Institute of Economics and Finance is one of the leading state economic higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation.

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Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, is one of the most beautiful and unique cities on the Volga River. Being an industrial, educational and cultural centre of Tatarstan and Russia, Kazan is a great place to live in and to visit! Its fascinating history, truly priceless architectural heritage and hospitable atmosphere make the citizens proud of their native city and attract numbers of tourists every year.


There are 15 higher educational institutions in Kazan which turn out thousands of world standard specialists in various spheres of science, medicine, economy, arts, law etc. Many prominent scholars, scientists and writers like Nikolay Lobachevskiy, Leo Tolstoy, Vasiliy Aksenov lived and worked in Kazan.


Kazan can also offer many options for entertainment and leisure time. There are so many activities to choose from! One could consider going to one of the theatres and museums or have a delightful walk around downtown where you are sure to find picturesque places of interest together with numerous cafes, restaurants and shops.


The Institute of Economics and Finance was founded in 1931 on the base of the Faculty of Economics which had previously belonged to the Kazan State University named after Vladimir Lenin.

The number of full-time students studying at The Institute of Economics and Finance is more than 3500 and there are 279 people of teaching staff

Apart from the main building the institute has at its disposal two well-equipped gyms, a skiing centre, Tennis courts as well as two hostels and a summer camp




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