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The Institute of Economics and Finance is one of the leading state economic higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation.

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The Institute of Economics and Finance Ц SUNY (USA)

The Dual Degree Program offered by The Institute in collaboration with SUNY (State University of New York) provides an opportunity to obtain a BachelorТs Degree in Financial Services (BBA). The program combines fundamental sciences from Institute of Economics and Finance and American management style and business practices. Upon completion of this program, students will receive the BachelorТs Degree of Institute of Economics and Finance and the Bachelor of Business Administration conferred by SUNY Canton. The course of studies lasts four years. Students can earn a SUNY Canton Degree while studying at Institute of Economics and Finance since part of the courses delivered by the home university is accepted by SUNY Canton and the rest of the American courses are delivered online or via videoconferencing.

The program aims to prepare highly qualified professionals who will have the tools for solving vital economic issues as well as the ability to answer increasingly complicated questions of quality and efficiency.

SUNY is one of the leading state systems for higher education. It provides a high level of quality and excellence in education and research. SUNY Canton is part of the system of 64 campuses which comprise the State University of New York. The institution was founded in 1906 in Canton, New York. The universityТs most recent focus has been in the development and delivery of baccalaureate degree programs in an online format.

SUNY Canton online tour

What students say about SUNY Canton

Within the frameworks of this program students take courses offered by SUNY in an online format and earn a BachelorТs Degree of this University. In addition to online SUNY courses professors of SUNY visit The Institute of Economics and Finance. A member of Institute of Economics and Finance staff performs the role of an advisor for the students Ц participants of the program and acts as an intermediary between the two partner universities.

Benefits of the program

- High level of English

Students have intensive training in English and in Business English to be prepared for classes from SUNY Canton and for passing the TOEFL examination successfully. The English language classes provide an opportunity to communicate with native speakers and joint video-conferences with American students

- An opportunity to study the experience of international, Russian and American business practices

- Two Bachelor Degrees of leading and prestigious Higher Educational Institutions. The Degrees conferred by SUNY are acknowledged all over the world

- Broad employment opportunities in Russian and international organizations of both state and private sectors

- The graduates of this program obtain an opportunity to continue their education in order to get a MasterТs Degree abroad.

- The program is arranged so that the requirements for both degrees can be completed in 8 terms. The advantages for students are that the total number of credits required is significantly less than if both degrees were earned independently.

Throughout the whole course of studies students work closely with their advisor to be sure they are meeting all requirements of the program.

Research Supervisor of the program Ц PhD in Economics Valitov Sh.M.

Program coordinator Ц PhD in Philology Akhmetshina A.R.

Program specialists Ц Abdullina L.G., Urazmetova D.I.

Phone number: (8432) 2911313

More detailed information about distant learning courses provided by SUNY Canton can be found on the following sites:


The Institute of Economics and Finance was founded in 1931 on the base of the Faculty of Economics which had previously belonged to the Kazan State University named after Vladimir Lenin.

The number of full-time students studying at The Institute of Economics and Finance is more than 3500 and there are 279 people of teaching staff

Apart from the main building the institute has at its disposal two well-equipped gyms, a skiing centre, Tennis courts as well as two hostels and a summer camp




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